Marv Nicholson

Innovative Broker

Independent Contractor 1979-2002
Real Estate Investor 1982-2009
Loan Officer 2002
Real Estate Agent 2003

Professional Licensing/Schooling
Appraisal Pre-Licensing, Mykut Appraisal School, 2002
Loan Officer Licensing, 2002
Real Estate Pre-Licensing, Rockwell Institute, Licensing, 2003
Insurance Pre-License, Slater Insurance School, 2006

Continuing Education
120 hours real estate licensing school
75 Hours Basic Appraisal/Appraisal Institute, 2002
48 hours Real Estate and Mortgage Ethics, 2002-2009
32 hours Real Estate Law, 2002-2009
8 hours “Understand Credit Scores”, 2007
4 hours Truth in Lending Act, 2007
4 hours RESPA requirements, 2007
4 hours Reverse Mortgage, 2009

Marv is a second generation Broker whose family owned a boutique Agency in the south end of Seattle. Marv’s Father through the agency had access to the purchase of fixer-upper HUD homes. Dad was flipping homes long before the term was being used.

Upon graduating High School, Marv began his career as an independent contractor. The inspiration for this came from those early days as dad’s helper on these weekend HUD fixer-uppers. Parallel to the contracting career, Marv was also evaluating and purchasing distressed homes as investment vehicles (again, dad’s influence). Some of these properties won big and a couple not so big, but all of those experiences had value. Most of the “risk-level” was reduced through Marv’s construction experiences and prior teachings by dad. But without the construction knowledge, it would have been difficult to make an informed evaluation of the investment properties for sure.

It wasn’t long after Marv’s transition to Licensed Real Estate Agent did he realize that it would be a benefit to his client to also hold a Mortgage License.

You see, a mortgage salesman has to make his money on the higher interest rates while Marv makes his living, paid by the seller of course, as a Real Estate Consultant/Advisor. Searching and seeking out the best buy for his clients is his passion. When asked, Marv says “The reward my clients receive from this dual-advisor role is that I don’t make my living off of interest rates, my living comes from finding the perfect home for my clients. Because I am state licensed as an advisor for both, I can help my clients avoid the pitfalls of these bad loans and high interest rates.
Ethical behavior has kept and will continue to keep my clients out of trouble.”

One example of this is a couple, which was referred by another client, met with Marv in 2007 for an initial consultation. Marv was able to determine quickly that the priced home they were looking for was not within their means and he informed them of that. They refused to believe the actually number they qualified for and soon found another agent/loan officer “team” that told them “yes, we can do it”. Fast forward to 2009 and this couple is informed that they “should get an attorney” by their new FBI neighbor after they revealed to him that they received bogus “advice” from this fraudulent real estate ring that had just been arrest. Additionally, none of the 24+ payments had even made it to the lender, but instead, to this ring. This is an obvious extreme case, but right now is a good time to find an qualified and ethical lender.

Location is not everything. . .
“So many agents will say, Location, Location, but really there is so much more to it. My clients rely on my many years of experience in construction, contract law and real estate knowledge. You can’t really expect agents who have not had these experiences to be in a position to help the clients mitigate their risk. I take a lot of pride in my ability to consult with my clients at a high level based upon my 33 years of personal/business experiences,” Marv says. “The protection of my clients and their family’s future is priority one to me”

Today, Marv is the Premier Properties Expert based on his many years as a contractor, real estate investor, Agent, Lender and business owner. So if it is a goal of yours to mitigate your risk through a discounted property, Marv is the one to help you achieve the status of Homeowner or Investor.



Designations & Awards
The American Society of REO Specialists REO Renegades Graduate REO Renegades Mastermind Member BPO/REO Academy Member Resnet/Amp Professional Certified Financing Specialist, CFS Northwest Multiple Listing Service Real Estate + Internet Marketing Real Estate Global Network Real Estate Lead Generation Secrets Washington Association of Mortgage Professionals